Staying In Shape While Others Hibernate By Anick L'Heureux

04 Jan 2017 11:17 PM | Anonymous

Winter usually brings people inside for indoor activities, but once you’ve been introduced to Nordic skiing, that’s usually not the case. I’ve lived most of my adult life in Florida, so I’ve missed out of winter activities. Now that I’ve moved here, I get the best of both worlds and I’ve fully embraced the summer activities that the Northwest offers like hiking, climbing, river, and lake activities; but the one sport that won my heart over was triathlons. My daughter loves it almost as much as I do and introducing her to a healthy lifestyle has had many perks!

Last year, we discovered the Nordic Kids program. As a first timer, my daughter had a blast making new friends and being able to have fun in the snow. For me, it gave me an excuse to be outside for hours on end! I attended almost every class and adored the smiles and giggles I witnessed from the little ones as they skied up and down the hills and chased each other as they fell and got back up dozens of times. What a great workout! Have you ever fallen on skis a dozen times and got back up?

For me, all those long hours of running, biking, swimming come to a pause and it’s time to fill the lungs with fresh, crisp, cold air and enjoy the full body workout in another form. I consider cross country skiing as the absolute best option during winter for full body workout.

Just like running, biking and swimming, skiing requires forward propulsion by using several different muscle groups. Nordic skiing for triathlon prep addresses all three of the sport's components: it is weight-bearing, like running, so it is good for developing bone density, but unlike running, it is non-impact, so the chance of injury is much lower, so you can partake in longer and/or more frequent training sessions! Since skiing uses all your major muscle groups, it burns a lot of calories and it trains your body to utilize more oxygen, it increases your VO2 max, which will help you in every sport. Both skate and classic help for running and riding. As a bonus, double-poling is one of the best off-season activities possible for swimming. Skiing really is the complete package!

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